Asynchronous Voice is my new BFF

I've been saying for years that I hate the phone. I keep wondering why people keep calling me on my mobile computer (which for some reason they still insist on calling a phone even though that is by far the most poorly executed capability it has). … [Continue reading]

A horrifying accelerator story that you’ll need to read twice


Recently, I wrote a post called "Entrepreneurs Deserve Full Transparency" for my WSJ series. Several entrepreneurs wrote me, but this story really stands out as a warning to do your diligence and demand full transparency. Not all accelerators are … [Continue reading]

Spark Boulder Aims to Connect Students and the Startup Community


Boulder is an incredible community for startups, and we’re also fortunate to be the home of the University of Colorado. CU has several programs, clubs and resources for students who are pursuing entrepreneurship, including the Deming Center for … [Continue reading]

An Incredible Month in London

Sunset near Holland Park, London

Sunset near Holland Park, London I just got back from a month in the UK, where we launched the first-ever Techstars program in London. It was an amazing time of meeting with the startup community there and getting Techstars’ international presence … [Continue reading]

USA Today Highlights the Boulder/Denver Startup Scene

The Boulder and Denver tech startup communities were featured in a recent USA Today Talking Tech video. Several entrepreneurs from the area were interviewed for the segment, including yours truly: I think the report does a great job of … [Continue reading]

A Random Day in London


While I was in the UK for the launch of Techstars in London, I held a “random day” where I met with 24 companies, back-to-back, for 15 minutes each at the awesome Warner Yard. Over the course of the day I met a lot of interesting people and gained a … [Continue reading]